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J84/01 Electrical Introduction of Radio – Model 9520 All
J84/02 Body Sill Drains XJ6
J84/03 Engine Spark Plug Gaps XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/04 Engine Water Pump Service time Revision XJ6
J84/05 Engine Oil Consumption XJ6
J84/06 Electrical Radio All
J84/07 Body Seat Runners XJ6
J84/08 Engine Drive Belt Adjustment XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/09 Steering Bolts – Ball Joint All
J84/10 Body Wind Noise / Leaks XJS
J84/11 Body Key Blanks XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/12 Hubs Hub Lubrication All
J84/13 Electrical Trip Computer All
J84/14 Electrical Aerial XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/15 Body Creaks in Body All
J84/16 Wheels Non OEM Wheels All
J84/17 Air Conditioning Blower Assemblies XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/18 Engine Timing Cover Gasket XJ6
J84/19 Electrical Trouble Shooting New Radio All
J84/20 Fuel Flow Test – Injectors XJS
J84/21 Fuel Flow Test – Injectors XJ6
J84/22 Body Water Leaks / Wind Noise XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/23 Fuel Hot Starts XJS
J84/24 Final Drive Dana Differentails XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/25 Cooling Anti-Freeze All
J84/26 Cooling Air Flow Restrictions – Radiator All
J84/27 Steering Upper Steering Column XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/28 Air Conditioning Fan Motors XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/29 Engine Mounts – Oil Cooler XJ6
J84/30 Electrical Aerial All
J84/31 Steering Steering Column Squeak XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/32 Electrical Lucas MF3 Battery XJS
J84/33 Body Sunroof Operation XJ6
J84/34 Electrical Charging System Checks XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/35 Engine Crankshaft Front Oil Seal XJ6
J84/36 Electrical AM Radio Interference XJS
J84/37 Brakes Brake Disk Shipping XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/38 Electrical ECU Manifold Vacuum Hose XJS
J84/39 Electrical Reverse Lights XJS
J84/40 Electrical Brake Pedal Switch – Cruise Control XJ6
J84/41 Cooling Low Coolant Probe XJS
J84/42 Body Boot Lock Security XJS
J84/43 Wheels Wheel Removal and Replacement XJS
J84/44 Fuel Fuel Rail Hose Clip Tightening XJS
J84/45 Engine Oil Filter Head XJ6
J84/46 Fuel Kent Moore Tester XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/47 Body Repair Times – Wood Trim XJ6
J84/48 Body Wiper Arm Settings XJ6
J84/49 Electrical Electrial Wiring Harness XJS
J84/50 Engine Oil Filters XJS
J84/51 Engine Gasket – Oil Filter XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/52 Engine Cylinder Heads XJS
J84/53 Body Wood Trim All
J84/54 Body Hinge Bolt – Rear Door XJ6
J84/55 Engine Cylinder Head Replacement XJ6
J84/56 Air Conditioning Evaporator XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/57 Body Rear Windows XJ6
J84/58 Engine Oil Dipstick XJ6
J84/59 Air Conditioning Sensor – Air Conditioning XJS
J84/60 Final Drive Rear Axle Ratios XJ6 XJS-HE
J84/61 Electrical Non Standard Electrical Accessories All


 J84/01 January 1984, Introduction of the Model 9520 Radio.


In February 1984 the model 9520 Radio was introduced. The radio featured a removeable front control panel. The radios were shipped in two parts, with the chassis installed at the factory, and the front installed at the dealer.

If there is a problem with the radio, the first check is to replace the control panel with a known good unit. This determines whether the fault is with the panel or the chassis of the radio. It is suggested that the faulty part be replaced.

The tape player had a fault.... If it were set in tape scan mode, the tape couldn't run at fast forward or rewind. So in order to fast forward or rewind on a blank section of tape, the tape scan control had to be turned off.

The control and chassis numbers were both to be supplied on a card in the back of the owners manual. The Sound System Registration Card was requested to be sent in by the new owner.


 J84/02 January 1984 Sill Drain Holes


There are four body seal drain holes on each side of the XJ6. To suppress water from being splashed into the two front holes, they were plugged beginning with VIN 362000. The drain holes that remain should be checked yearly for clearance.


J84/03   January 1984     Spark Plug Gap

The correct spark plug gap for the XJ6 is listed at 0.035 in. , and the XJS  HE at 0.025 in.

J84/04   February 1984   Water Pump Time Revision

A change in the time it takes to replace the water pump was changed to 2.45 hours due to the addition of the air pump.


J84/05   March 1984   Engine Oil Consumption   XJ6


A change was made to a former bulletin issued in September 1983. Detailed procedures were given to deglaze the cylinder bores without dismantling the cylinder head.... this bulletin also advises that the valve guide oil seals on the inlet valves should be replaced. The repair time for this operation is listed at 19.40 hours.


J84/06   March 1984    Jaguar Radio    All models

The new radio will not interchange with the previous model... there was a change in the wiring harness to accommodate for the new models power requirements.

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