Wiper Motor Removal

Series 3 XJ6 

Tools needed:

A socket wrench with an extension

A 7/6" and 1/2" socket. (or 11mm and 13mm")
A 1/4" socket or nut driver
And a couple of flat bladed screw drivers
First you'll remove the battery... 
Then you'll take the socket wrench with the extension and 7/6" socket, and remove the strap holding the wiper motor in place.
The nuts are on each side of the motor. 

Now lift the wiper motor up, and twist it out of the spot where it's sitting. 

Flip the wiper motor over, and you'll see a series of 6 1/4" bolts holding the cover in place. 
Remove those 6 nuts and pull the cover off. 
Now you'll use the screwdrivers to lift the wiper cable out of the arm inside the motor.
It simply lifts up and out. 

Remove the wiring harness connector, and the wiper motor will be free.

Reinstallation is the opposite of the above procedure to install the new wiper motor. 
One thing to note is that after you reinstall the cable, it's easier to align the wiper arms to the motor, than try to get the motor aligned to the position of the wiper arms. 

Remove the wiper arms prior to turning the wiper motor on. That's done by just removing the two 1/2" nuts under the plastic covers, and pulling the arms up and off.
After turning the wiper motor on and off, the spindles where the wiper arms attach should be in the correct position to reinstall the wiper arms. Though you may have to remove and install the arms a few times to get them in the correct position. 
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