Welcome to EverydayXJ. 

Here you will find the most affordable Used, New and New Old Stock Jaguar parts on the web.
As the name implies, I specialize in parts for the XJ6. It's what I drive everyday.

(My EverydayXJ)

But I also have parts for almost every Jaguar model.
Whether you are restoring, driving or showing a XK120, XK140, XK150, any of the MK sedans, an XKE, XJ6, XJ40, X300, XJS, XJ8, XK8, S-type, X-type or XF have a look around my store to find an affordable alternative to the parts offered by larger distributors.


If you are looking for Used, New or NOS electrical parts, engine parts, brake parts, suspension parts, drivetrain parts, body sheet metal, complete early Jaguar IRS or IFS, interior parts, interior trim, I want to help.

Ordering from EverydayXJ is now easier than ever.

Just choose a model from the list below:

Pre XKE - Early Sedans
XJ6 XJ12 Series 1 1968-1973
XJ6 XJ12 Series 2 1974-1978
XJ6 XJ12 Series 3 1979-1987
XJ6 XJ40 Series 4 1988-1994
XJ6 XJ12 X300  1995-1997
XJ8 XJR X308 1998-2003
XJ8 XJR X350 2004-2009
XK8 XKR 1997-1996
XJS 1975-1996
S-type 2000-2008
X-type 2002-2007
XF 2009-2012

Don't see what you need in my store, or have a model different from the ones listed above? Don't worry, I have thousands of parts that I need to upload to my store.

Just use my
Parts Inquiry form
or Email me at david@EverydayXJ.com

What I do Differently..

I purchase complete cars for dismantling, buy New Old Stock inventory from collectors or shops, and purchase New inventory from Dealer Closeouts.

So, what's different about that? 

For starters, All that I do is Jaguar.

Next, I treat used parts the same as most of the other suppliers handle their new parts. 
When I purchase a car as a parts car, I don't buy it to let the parts sit in the weather waiting on someone to purchase them.  I remove parts from the cars when they come in, clean them, and then store them in my warehouse. When I receive an order, most of the time the part comes straight off the shelf.

So if you are tired of the Ebay experience where the guy who has the parts has no idea of what he has, or doesn't have an effective warranty in place.... Or if you have tried the larger suppliers, and are tired of  price that comes with their pricing structure, give EverydayXJ a try.

Why Purchase Parts from EverydayXJ?

  • Commitment:  Jaguar is what I do. I don't run a typical junkyard that purchases any old car that they can find. I search the East Coast for Jaguars that I feel are good candidates for parts.

  • Price: Have a look around my store pages and this will speak for itself. I started with a desire to find the best prices on the web. When I wasn't happy with what I had found, I created a site with the best prices.

  • Inventory: I've spent over 5 years dismantling cars. I pull parts, clean them, and shelve them, so that I can usually go straight to the shelf for anything that you need.

  • Service: My goal is for every customer to be a repeat customer.  I won't send you anything that I wouldn't be comfortable using on my own car. If there are problems, I'll be there to backup my parts.

  • The "I" Factor: One thing that you see on this site that you don't see anywhere else is the I factor. Truth is, I do all of this myself. There is no pointing fingers here, no large company to hide behind. I check the emails, pull the parts, inventory the parts, and ship the parts.


Got a Jaguar to sell or trade? How about some NOS parts lying around? I'll purchase or trade any amount of parts, for any of the Jaguar models. I frequently travel the East Coast looking for cars, email me and tell me what you have.


The word "Jaguar"  and the use of OE part numbers are for descriptive and reference purposes only. 
EverydayXJ is not affiliated with the manufacturers, importers, or distributors of Jaguar automobiles.
Prices subject to change without notice.


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