Jaguar XJ6 Window Switch Replacement

Window Switch Replacement


Tools Required:
Pozi or Phillips Screwdriver
Flat head Screwdriver


Parts Illustrated:

  • Console Lid Cover – BD45971  BAC3972
  • Inner Console Tray – BAC3193 BAC6237
  • Console Lid Catch – BD34715
  • Ski Slope – BAC7029 BAC7059 BAC7062
  • Window Lift Switch – DAC2747 DAC1320
  • Window Master Lift Switch – C38637


This article will explain the removal and replacement of window switches on the Jaguar XJ6 Series 3, from 1979 to 1987.


To start, remove the console lining tray and console lid. This will allow access to the rear of the switches.


View of the wiring connectors for the window switches and master switch


Next, remove the single screw that is at the upper edge of the ski slope:


Now you can lift the ski slope up to allow greater access to the rear of the switches.
Care must be taken when lifting the ski slope. The master switch is easily broken if it doesn’t fully clear the console.


To slide the switch out, simply press the tabs on the sides of the switch, and push it through the front of the ski slope.

Replacement is as simple as putting the new switch in place on the ski slope, putting the ski slope back in place, reconnecting the wiring harness, and reinstalling the console  tray and lid.

Don’t  connect the wiring prior to putting the ski slope back in place. If the exposed switch connectors ground to the console, they can blow a thermal breaker,  making more repairs necessary.

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