XJ6 Dash Pad Removal

Dash Pad / Facia Crash Pad Removal.

This article will serve to show you how to quickly and easily remove the dash pad (facia crash roll) from your Series 2 or 3 Jaguar XJ6 or XJ12.

Tools needed:  Phillips or Pozi Screwdriver.

Parts Used:

Series 3:

Dash Pad / Facia Crash Roll :BD43341 / BAC2454

Dash Pad End Caps BAC1316, BAC1317

Vent: BD46163 (2)

Screw  AB610061 (4)

Washer  WC702101/J (4) 

Map Light C27999

Map Light Bulb  C31106

In Car Sensor C46178

To remove the Dash Pad is quite simple

To begin with, remove the  two dash end caps:


Next, there are four screws along the underside of the crash roll that need to come out:


Now the dash pad will slide forward, allowing access to the map light, and in car temperature sensor.

(location of the in car temperature sensor)

(Photo of the wiring, and placement of the in car temperature sensor)


(Map Light. Note: this never came with a cover)

(Important note here: When you disconnect the tubing from the in car sensor, upon reinstallation make sure that everything is connected correctly. Otherwise your heat and A/C won’t work correctly)

Now, your  dash pad is removed and ready to be repaired or placed.


Note: Difference in Series 2 and 3 dash pads:
The only difference is in the placement of a bracket that holds the front of the dash secure. On the series 3, there are even punch marks were the old bracket would have been installed.
To switch them wouldn’t be very difficult.

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