Fuel Switch Replacement

Trip Computer Panel Switch Replacement


This article will illustrate how to access and replace the panel switches and trip computer on the Jaguar XJ6 Series 3.
Included switches are the Fuel Change Over, Heated Window, Map Light, and Interior Lamp.  This is also how to remove the trip computer, cigar lighter and dimmer switch.

Tools needed:

Pozi or Phillips Screwdriver
Retaining nut socket, or needle nosed pliers.

Parts Illustrated:

Retaining nut – C41403
Radio Control Panel – DAC2201 DAC2688 DAC3424 BAC7036 BAC7037
Climate Control Knob – C39413
Trip Computer Surround (Facia ) – BAC5984
Fuel Changeover Switch – DAC1356
Heated Window Switch – DAC1355
Map Light Switch – DAC1357
Interior Lamp Switch – DAC1358
Jaguar emblem – DAC7015



To start, remove the single screw that holds the ski slope in place. This will allow you to pull the ski slope forward just a bit, to allow the Radio Control Panel to slide off.

Next, pull the climate control knobs off. You’ll see a retaining nut under each side, remove those using either a retaining nut tool, or needle nosed pliers.

This is the tool that I use. It’s made by Mac tools. It can be fabricated from an old socket, by filing it down, and leaving two tabs exposed.

Pull the Radio panel forward slightly. All that is required is to pull it forward enough to allow access to two screws that hold the bottom of the  Trip Computer / Clock Panel in place.

After removing the screws, the entire panel will slide down and off. This allows access to the rear of the panel, where the wiring connectors and  the tabs that hold the switches in place.

To remove the switch, first disconnect the wiring connector, then press the tabs on the sides, and push the switch forward, through the panel.  Be careful and push it gently, as it’s easy to damage the veneer on the trip computer surround.

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