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The idea of EverydayXJ was founded in 2005. At the time, I had just had a daughter, and really couldn't afford any new projects. Given the price of new Jaguar parts, I figured out quickly that a parts car would be necessary if I were going to have an XJ6.

My name is David Boger.
I'm located near Salisbury, NC.
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I purchased my first Jaguar XJ6 in 2005 after having driven a 2004 VDP in the mountains of Washington State for a week on vacation.  As soon as I returned home, my search began. What I found that I could afford was a 1987 XJ6. What I didn't know at the time was 1) It was full of rust and was a danger to have on the road, and 2) the parts to fix it were going to be quite expensive. So I ended up with a second car fairly quickly, a 1982 XJ6.

In the meantime I had become a regular on some of the Jaguar forums, searching topics on how to work on my car. But what I couldn't find was a place that sold parts that I could afford. So I started using parts off of the first car, to put the second back together.
Somewhere along the way I decided to place an ad advertising that I had a car that was being parted out. There was a huge response from the Jaguar community that felt just like I do. The general feeling was that the cars need to be saved, but sometimes the pricing on the parts make it impossible to do so.

EverydayXJ was founded for that purpose, to provide quality used parts at affordable prices.

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